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What is hoisting?

Hoisting is a relatively new concept, which you will not find anything about in documentation prior to ES6.

According to MDN:

Hoisting is a term you will not find used in any normative specification prose prior to ECMAScript® 2015 Language Specification. Hoisting was thought up as a general way of…

Knowing the lingo matters

When it comes down to certain things in JS, they become second nature and as a developer I often will start writing certain code without giving a second thought to why I did it. “That’s just the way it is” or “You use x when you need y…” But as…

Redux State Management

What is a thunk?

A “thunk” is a term for a function that is returned by another function


In Redux, we have actions, action creators, and reducers which we use to manage the state in our app.


Actions are simple objects. Ironically, although…

Inheritance, Supers and Modules

Everything in Ruby is an object. As everything is an object, there are basic rules that every object will follow. All objects can inherit from another object. All objects can modify methods that are inherited

What is inheritance?

If we look at the dictionary definition of inheritance, in other words…

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